Competitive Advantages

The Dale Capital Group approach combines the strengths of private equity investing, such as due diligence discipline, downside risk mitigation and hands-on involvement, with the additional advantages of:

  • The well experienced Advisory Committee of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, managers and directors.
  • The close relationship with the leading independent accounting firm in South Africa, ‘Nolands’ through LAMS’ association with Nolands Advisory Services Africa Ltd:
  • The exclusive relationship provides (i) access to attractive proprietary transactions, both in Mauritius and across Africa, and (ii) due-diligence and transactional support.
  • A deal-by-deal decision policy that lets Investment Club members tailor their portfolio.
  • The extensive knowledge of business culture across Africa held by the team.
  • A hands-on management approach to drive change within, and actively oversee, investment projects.
  • An unlimited investment period, optimum exit timings are chosen, rather than dictated by the lifecycle of a fund.
  • Significant alignment with investors and entrepreneurs. The team invests its own money in projects both directly and indirectly through Dale Capital Group.
  • An absence of ownership restrictions – equally comfortable with control or minority positions (subject to strong board influence and appropriate minority protection rights).
  • A streamlined approval and due diligence process which allows for rapid closure of transactions. Full in-house expertise and approval capability allows for rapid assessment and closure of quality opportunities.
  • Dale Capital Group’s quoted structure gives maximum flexibility for raising public capital through both debt, bond and equity markets and to utilize other forms of non-cash consideration. This allows shareholders in target companies to retain an interest in the company’s portfolio (including their own acquired company) and thereby share in the value that may be created by enhancement of performance. Where investor companies make acquisitions, they may also have flexibility to use their own equity as acquisition consideration.