Investment in Mauritius Food and Food Security

Dale is in the process of developing in Mauritius a vibrant food and food distribution hub in order to target the Mauritius market and also in due course sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Island Region. This is referred to as OUR PRIME STRATEGY.

A sustainable future

The Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security, in their Blueprint for a Sustainable Diversified Agri-Food Strategy, outline a number of measures to ensure food security, foreign exchange earnings, sustainable development and an improvement in the diet and health of the nation. The Strategy also calls on Mauritian consumers to take up kitchen gardening, eat more locally produced food and reduce food waste.

Mauritius’ limited land area is a constraint to producing all of the country’s food requirements. As a result, one of the government’s strategies is to cooperate with countries in the region where opportunities arise to produce food crops, livestock and marine products for domestic consumption, as well as for regional markets. As part of this, investment opportunities for agricultural production in Mozambique to produce rice, maize, pulses, potatoes and onions are being sought.

To improve trade and foreign exchange earnings, the government has been working to boost trade with traditional markets in Europe and the USA, as well as emerging markets in India, China and Africa, especially for sugar, fruits, vegetables, seafood and tourism.

Food import

  • The country is classified a net food importer as it excluded sugar from being classified as an exportable food item.
  • The Mauritian food policy is now based on generating sufficient foreign exchange to import food from the world market to complement what can be locally produced.
  • Agricultural and food imports have increased dramatically since the mid-80s, and have by far covered the shortfall in food supply that occurred due to the cessation of the World Food Programme.

Dale’s opportunity

Mauritian food policy hinges on commercial food imports and indigenous food crop production; and ensuring that the population has access to it. Being a net food importer, it sources the cheapest food from the world market.

The opportunity for Dale Capital Group exists to develop a carefully thought-out Food Security Strategy focus and steadily work towards a Mauritius-based Food Security Hub to firstly meet the local Mauritian needs and thereafter towards meeting the needs of targeted sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Dale Capital has launched it food brand as St. Felix Brands

Dale Agricultural Investments

St. Felix Livestock Limited (currently named Dale Agricultural Investment Limited) is owned 100% by Dale and is operating a commercial goat and sheep farming project. The business operates from the St. Felix Sugar Estate in the South of Mauritius and currently has a herd of approximately 2,500 livestock. The target number of livestock over the next five years is estimated at 5 000.

Dale has entered into partnership with St. Felix Sugar Estate Company Limited who have allocated 600 acres of farmland for livestock farming.

St Felix Food Logistics

The business is involved in the Import and distribution of South African and African food and beverage niche market products. A young and energetic company providing an ever increasing niche range of outstanding South African and African food and beverage products to the restaurant, hospitality and retail sectors of Mauritius. We take immense pride in sourcing the “best of breed” products throughout Africa and distributing them seamlessly to Mauritian retail outlets, hotels and restaurants. The company, previously called Dale Hospitality Logistics started its business in October 2015. Products are currently, distributed to over 100 outlets comprising retailers, hotels and restaurants. There is a high demand in the Mauritian market for high-quality and niche food products. The new website is currently being developed due to a change in brand strategy and all of the Dale Capital Food & Food Security Investments now carry the St. Felix Brand

St Felix Seafood Limited


St Felix Seafood Limited currently has a management agreement to manage a company called Pelagic Process Limited who has been in the fishing and processing business on the Mauritian Islands for many years. The contract commenced in 2017.

The business will be re-launched in the last quarter of 2020 under the St. Felix Brand and as a result the website is under re-construction.

Bella Amigo

Based in the north of Mauritius, Bella Amigo’s core business is servicing the hospitality industry by import, export and distribution of quality seafood products. The group also has a well –known and supported Green Leisure Park and restaurant Rêve d’R and Bella Amigo Conferencing.

The Group’s business activities relate to the following segments – seafood, leisure and hospitality.