Alan West

Non-Executive Director of Dale Capital Group Limited

Alan has been associated with the Dale Group for over a decade and was recruited
to the board of Dale to advise the group to achieve its vision of embracing the modern information age and to promote the effective use of technology and information flow to management, staff, shareholders and the public/investors.
Alan West is an entrepreneur and dedicated businessman holding directorships of several global companies within the Information Technology and Payments Industries.

As a qualified Computer Engineer, a career spanning 40 years and spending fourteen years with Hewlett Packard from the early 1980’s, then appointed as General Manager of Standard Microsystems Corporation and subsequently Cisco Systems in South Africa, leading to the start of an entrepreneurial journey in 1999.
Founded several companies over the last 20 years, with an affinity to digital innovation and payment processing services. In 2014 successfully sold Amara Technologies International, to a listed German payments technology business and departed in 2017.

With extensive technical and business experience and passion, architected unique, innovative technology and solutions for the payments industry, lead to the formation and partnerships of several digital fintech and payments companies based in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Mauritius.
Currently Executive Director of IMX Payments, Fraxxion Digital Limited, and Ignixxion International Limited.