Celebrating 20 Years In Private Equity!

Dale Capital Group Limited provides Private Equity Investment Services in Africa

Dale Capital Group is a publicly-quoted Private Equity Investment Holding Company, which has had a successful private equity track record in Southern Africa with a history of principal investment dating back to 1996. In 2007, the company was listed on the official market of the stock exchange of Mauritius. (SEM)  In 2019 the company was also successfully listed on the South African based ZarX exchange via an inward listing. SEM continues to be the Prime Listing. Its core regional focus is Mauritius, with intended future expansion into the Sub–Saharan Africa region. The intention is that Mauritius will always be the Groups Regional Investment Hub.The strategy of the company is to invest from its own balance sheet and also with the funds of partners and co–investors.

The Dale Capital Groups historical investment focus over two decades has been broad. In recent years, however the strategy has been exclusively on the Mauritius Food and Food Security Sector. Within this strategy the Group is currently in the process of establishing a new brand for all Mauritius based Food Security investments. All of these projects and investments carry the St. Felix Brand. St Felix is a well-known region in the South of the Island.

Our Food Security investments are:

Dale Agricultural Investments
St Felix Food Logistics
St Felix Seafood
Bella Amigo

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